Brand Project


My brief was to create a personal brand including a monogram, visual marque, wordmark and a set of brand guidelines.

My Process

Monogram iterations

One of the first tasks was to create a monogram for my brand. I challenged myself to sketch out 100 different iteration in a time frame, this was a fun but challenging task but it got my ideas flowing!

I wanted my monogram to have a concept behind it with meaning that meant something to me and what I want my brand to stand for. there were a few possible outcomes and connects of the monogram that I liked and wanted to carry forward further.

I sketched out these concepts some more and I talked about their meaning over on my blog! I wanted to take these ideas further as I still was undecided.

Bringing it to life

I was unsure of what route to go down with my monogram as I liked a lot of my ideas and concepts. I decided to experiment on adobe illustrator and see how they looked on screen.


Next up was the Wordmark and I wanted a font that would compliment my monogram. I wanted something creative and fun. I began sketching out a few of the fonts that I liked and I then narrowed it down.

I decided one Poiret one but soon discovered I would need to alter the G so it matched my monogram, this change brought a nice cohesion to both my monogram and wordmark.

Visual marque

Next was the visual marque and for this I found the experimentation very freeing! to get some inspiration I jotted down a few words I wanted my brand to be associated with and I sketched out images that I felt matched that word.

I wanted to tie in the symbolic meaning of my monogram into this visual marque so I decided to sketch out some possible outcomes including the infinity symbol.


Building the loop

The process- this is a step by step image of how I created this shape on Illustrator.

I experiemented with the thickness of the line and also colours.

Brand colours

My brand in action

Want to see more of research and development of this project? Head over to my blog!